i bought this cute shimmery silver dress at TJmaxx around easter… i was happy to find a cute 'easter' dress, and when i wore it that sunday, even though it was about knee length standing up, it was QUITE short when i sat down. (uncomfortably short) which made me super sad! —so, it dawned on me, that if i could find ANOTHER dress just like it, i could remove a few inches from the bottom of the dress, and add it to the length of the dress! (the addition would convienantly hide under the last ruffle.  my MIL was able to find another dress in the same size, and sent it to me (over 2 months ago- and it got put right on the back burner!) so… sat night, (of course at like midnight) i decided to attack the project. (maybe you saw my crafty shoe embellishment to go w/ my home-done alteration). i wound up adding 3 ruffles to the bottom of the dress…


oh, and now i have a shirt as well! 


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