Create Connections; live event

Dear friends… I want to take a moment and briefly interrupt the constant stream of fabulous inspiration that is so generously provided by my amazing media team, to share with you the start of something – it’s here local, but you have to start somewhere right? As you might know, a little over 18 months […]

merry “imperfect” christmas

everyone knows that this is the “most wonderful time of the year!” … complete with twinkling lights, roaring fires, hot cocoa, and gifts… beautifully wrapped and tucked carefully underneath the majestic Christmas tree! at least… that’s how my “perfect” Christmas season would look! and indeed, lights are strung along the roofline of my home. stockings […]

Instant memories for GIFTING!

3 Ways to document memories in an instant! Instax albums by @heidiswapp
i just can’t believe that the holiday season is here… but it is! time goes into a warp and this is about when  all my “gifting good intentions” kick in! basically what this means, is that I like to promise myself that THIS Christmas will be different, I won’t leave things until the last minute, I […]

A Step by Step Guide to Marquee Banners

How to make a marquee banner for the holidays by @heidiswapp
i always feel like “thanksgiving” gets a little lost in between halloween and christmas! but i LOVE thanksgiving… i love everything that it’s about! i love the focus on gratitude, and the overall feeling of gathering friends and family together and really taking time to acknowledge blessings!  this year i wanted to create a beautiful […]

online class alert: announcing MPS holiday

several years ago i teamed up with Jessica Sprauge to create a series of classes that we called “Mouse Paper Scissors”. the concept of the series was to take something that Jessica is genius at: teaching Photoshop skills and creating digital art; and combining it with what i love… paper crafting! it’s been awhile, but […]

DIY marquee pumpkins

lets kick off this Halloween season with the coolest DIY pumpkin project EVER! you should know that i am a Halloween lover… i don’t love the blood and gore stuff. i HATE scary movies. you will NEVER catch me going to a haunted house or anything creepy like that… but i am ALL about fun […]

My Heart…Cory’s Story

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In Loving Memory of Cory Paul Swapp (originally published July 2015)   As I sat in the hospital, the realization that this is now my story, settled in. I didn’t like this story at all. It’s not the story that I imagined for Cory, or my family. I wanted Cory’s funeral to be a tribute […]

Elder Colton Swapp

HS_mission1 copy
in June, my oldest son Colton received a mission call to serve for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. we are members of the LDS church, and when young men are 18, or young women are 19 years old, they are eligible to serve. both my […]

tell your stories with photo journals!

one of my favorite places to go is NYC! the coolest thing about NYC is that it’s the same, and completely different every time! almost a year ago we planned a “girls trip” with my mom and sisters, and also invited my oldest daughter, Quincy. We only had 3 days, so we had to make […]

memory keeping in REAL TIME!

i love memories. yes… all those quotes that cycle through Pinterest about living that moment again and again… yes… that is why i LOVE memories! i have been a “memory keeper” (scrapbooker) for as long as i can remember. and it’s true… usually you document the high points! right? i mean no one pulls out […]