The Formula to Perfect Holiday Photos

The Formula to Perfect Holiday Photos (and it is not what you think) Letterboard by @heidiswapp
A little humor goes a long way this holiday season! #amiright? From the very beginning of my married life, I have always created handmade holiday cards, and sent out a healthy batch; and also looked forward to those I received in return. Since losing our son Cory, the last couple of years, the holidays have […]

DIY sign #crafternoon

Heidi Swapp DIY Banner Project
I had the funnest afternoon the other day with my daughter Capri and my niece Chloe. They are both going into the 6th grade and they LOVE working on projects! After a ‘slime session’ (are your kids into making slime as much as mine?!) I could tell that they were needing something to do… I thought […]

DIY Lemonade Bar

Julianne Hough's Bridal Shower - DIY Lemonade Bar by @heidiswapp
My favorite DIY flavored LEMONADE! Summer is in full swing, and that calls for LEMONADE! I have 4 AMAZING lemonade recipes that are delicious EVERYDAY, but would be the perfect addition to ANY special occasion or event!  These fruity, flavored lemonades are not only TOTALLY delicious, but also just beautiful! Flavored drinks are all the […]

Instax by the Ocean

My favorite summer tradition is a week long beach vacation in Newport Beach, California! We have been going to the beach every year for as long as I can remember, and it’s seriously my most favorite thing. The weather is always perfect, and I have to admit it’s the most CHILL vacay that you can […]

Julianne Hough’s Bridal Shower | Part 4

IY wedding shower ideas designed by @heidiswapp for Julianne Hough's bridal shower
Day of the party had finally arrived! My team had been in a whirl-wind of activity designing all the decor and take away elements! I’d like to share all the bits and pieces they created… – Party Map. Each guest was given a map so they would know where everything was, and also credited each […]

Julianne Hough’s Bridal Shower | Part 3

DIY wedding shower ideas designed by @heidiswapp for Julianne Hough's bridal shower
With the FOOD plan in place, it was time to work on the DECOR! This is my favorite part! I wanted to continue the “WATERCOLOR” look and feel to incorporate that into the decor of the party. I planned to use it in several ways: – to create a map with descriptions of the event […]

Julianne Hough’s Bridal Shower | Part 2

DIY wedding shower ideas designed by @heidiswapp for Julianne Hough's bridal shower
As soon as the invites were in the mail for Julianne Hough’s bridal shower, it was time to finalize the Menu! I called out to 3 of my friends that also work foodie magic and they were all really excited to be a part of Jules’ special event. I wanted to keep things social and […]

Julianne Hough’s Bridal Shower | Part 1

DIY wedding shower ideas designed by @heidiswapp for Julianne Hough's bridal shower
Summer kicked off with a pretty exciting opportunity to throw a bridal shower for the one and only Julianne Hough! Jules’ family is from here in Utah, and her oldest sister reached out and asked if i would be interested/willing to help her plan and execute the perfect bridal shower for her little sis! The […]

in honor of fathers past and present!

Free Printable Father's Day Cards - by Heidi Swapp
This weekend it is our privilege to honor our fathers… my mind has been full of thoughts about the wonderful, dedicated men in our lives, and how deeply grateful I am for my husband and my dad; but also the men who have gone before, paving the way for my life today; particularly my Grandfathers. […]

how i really feel about mother’s day…

is it too soon to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day? i don’t think so! maybe we should make it into a huge week-long celebration! how about a week of sleeping in? a week without doing dishes, or meal prep? a week devoted to putting your own priorities at the top of the list? well, […]