in honor of fathers past and present!

Free Printable Father's Day Cards - by Heidi Swapp
This weekend it is our privilege to honor our fathers… my mind has been full of thoughts about the wonderful, dedicated men in our lives, and how deeply grateful I am for my husband and my dad; but also the men who have gone before, paving the way for my life today; particularly my Grandfathers. […]

how i really feel about mother’s day…

is it too soon to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day? i don’t think so! maybe we should make it into a huge week-long celebration! how about a week of sleeping in? a week without doing dishes, or meal prep? a week devoted to putting your own priorities at the top of the list? well, […]

photos as wedding decor!

If I had any wedding advice for anyone it’s this: don’t scrimp on the photography! Find a great photographer that you love their style. Make sure that you spend the time on getting the shots that you really want! I also believe that it’s about the quality of the photos, not the quantity!  being able […]

let there be LIGHTS! lots of LIGHTS!

i love the way that LIGHT can transform a space, create a mood and bring magic — especially to a wedding! let me show you how i used LIGHTS to create amazing WOW effects in four different ways at an outdoor wedding reception: 1. cafe lights 2. marquee love letters 3. DIY marquee chalk sign 4. […]

my DREAM JOB!! planning a wedding!

i have always wanted to be a wedding planner! ever since i was a little girl, i think that the magic and love that surround that amazing day has always had such a draw for me! i love everything about weddings, from the beautiful invitations that you get in the mail… to the floral arrangements […]

“Peace I Leave with You”

Peace I Leave with You Easter Lightbox Free Printable by @heidiswapp
Of all of the beautiful stories ever written, the story of Peace and Hope that comes through the Savior of the world, and is celebrated during this beautiful time of year, has to be one of the most told stories in history…   in my whole life of hearing this story… telling and re-telling this story… […]


I became acquainted with the folks at “Random Acts” several months ago when I got a call and was invited to come and be a part of a future episode that would be airing sometime in the Spring 2017. I can’t give away  the details yet (not until May), but I had the best time […]

Create Connections; live event

Dear friends… I want to take a moment and briefly interrupt the constant stream of fabulous inspiration that is so generously provided by my amazing media team, to share with you the start of something – it’s here local, but you have to start somewhere right? As you might know, a little over 18 months […]

merry “imperfect” christmas

everyone knows that this is the “most wonderful time of the year!” … complete with twinkling lights, roaring fires, hot cocoa, and gifts… beautifully wrapped and tucked carefully underneath the majestic Christmas tree! at least… that’s how my “perfect” Christmas season would look! and indeed, lights are strung along the roofline of my home. stockings […]

Instant memories for GIFTING!

3 Ways to document memories in an instant! Instax albums by @heidiswapp
i just can’t believe that the holiday season is here… but it is! time goes into a warp and this is about when  all my “gifting good intentions” kick in! basically what this means, is that I like to promise myself that THIS Christmas will be different, I won’t leave things until the last minute, I […]