Pineapple Crush as a Mini Book

Heidi Swapp Pineapple Crush as a Mini Book by @createoften for @heidiswapp
It is spring cleaning around here and I have found the dreaded pile of photos that never made it into albums. Tell me you have a drawer, box, or bag that you still need to get into albums?! I was very willing to get summer photos out to get me excited for the warmer months. […]

Side by Side with Heidi Swapp Storyline

How to decide what photos to use on a scrapbook page by @createoften for @heidiswapp Storyline for @michaelsstores
In the last year, Heidi and the media team have shared how easy and time saving the Storyline collection is. I have known a lot of scrapbookers come to me and share their heart about it being too hard to figure out where to place photos. That “starting” point can be so hard for some […]

Introducing 2018 Fresh Start Memory Planners

Introducing Heidi Swapp 2018 Fresh Start Memory Planners @heidiswapp
I am so excited to announce my brand new Memory Planner collection Fresh Start! My hope is that this collection will inspire you to make everyday plans, create memories, tell your stories, and make pretty stuff!   Plan, organize, and memory keep daily in my sparkly new Fresh Start Memory Planners! They are portable, functional, […]

My VLOG is Here!

New Heidi Swapp Vlog behind the scenes at the black light Lightbox Glow photoshoot with @heidiswapp
I can remember back when I first started my little journey of product design and education, everything had to be communicated in magazine articles; I am talking before BLOGS and social media! It wasn’t even THAT long ago! OH, the changes and evolution that we have seen in just the last 18 years since I started teaching […]

wishing you…. freebie number two!

We put up the Chrismas tree, hung the stockings and strung the lights… the holiday is officially underway at our house! Just look at this cutie FREEBIE for today… Click HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS CUTE THING!  this would be the cutest little gift tag! I added an additional candy cane banner delight…love it!  look at […]

in 25 days… for FREE!

Hi there! Happy Saturday! Happy first day in December! Can you believe that  “in 25 days” Christmas will be here!? It’s finally December, which means I am finally going to dig out the décor! (t o m o r r ow!)  because T O D A Y I have the GREAT pleasure of teaching at […]

'tags that tuck!' (new 'Create to Remember')

It’s already Wednesday!? It’s such a busy week playing catch up from being away last week! SO MUCH TO DO! I am really excited…this weekend I get to go and teach classes in Bakersfield, California this weekend at a store called Simply Scrapbooks. I’ll be teaching 4 classes Friday and Saturday – I believe there […]


Thanks… AND giving… that’s really what this season is all about!  my thoughts have been with the folks that were effected by the Hurricane Sandy, and I think that I have sort of sat- so far away… watching the devastation and wondering what I could do to help! (this is jodi) A good friend of […]

NEW EPISODE TODAY: hybrid elements!

it’s WEDNESDAY and today’s new episode on my ‘Create to Remember’ is all about creating HYBRID elements for your paper crafting projects!  I quickly discuss how to add color, create and even adhere your CUSTOMIZED embellishments, and show you a few of my favorite tools! At the end of the video I promise a little […]