as promised…

as promised… here is another little sneak… maybe it’s a bit predictable… the black and white.. the houndstooth.. ah… I LOVE IT SO MUCH. in the whole creative process, you have to have FUN. deadlines are so far from fun… but last night, i decided I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, so I  […]


With January coming to a close, with the promise of a CRAZY FEB… among other things… it means that CHA is right around the corner… little new-prod. sneak peeks should start popping up. (CHA is the Craft and Hobby Association trade show.. this year it’s in Anaheim the second week of feb. It’s not a […]

ice ice baby

Monday is coming to a close. Really, it’s Tuesday but I don’t really count my days by the clock, but rather by when I go to sleep and when I wake up… so despite the fact it’s almost 3 am, I am still couting it Monday…after all, it is my favorite day of the week. […]


I feel so much better today! i guess that you really can’t  underestimate the  power of good sleep. I slept so soundly last night, that I was informed this morning, I didn’t even budge when Connor woke up. (apparently everyone noticed that! LOL!) I woke up this morning…made breakfast, answered a few emails, did a […]

cold medicine and mentholatum

Shocking really… jan 15? How can that be possible? No time passes quicker than that before big deadlines. This is a deadline month. In two weeks we leave to go back home for the month of feb, and everything has to be done…wrapped up, good to go…prepped, finalized, submitted and fed exed. It’s not that […]

welcome 2008- warning LONG POST

We are well into 2008 now, and I am not off to a very strong start in the blogging department! I have all this stuff that I keep thinking I am going to talk about, but I have been so busy and tired! So, I will attempt to  play some catch up! Forgive the LONG […]

come to china…..

ok, so some of the details have been announced for this cool trip! i am so excited about it… JIM’s BLOG i am off to the fabric market this morning to buy silk to make some pajamas! i

happy new year!

It’s Sunday night…the house is quiet…everyone is sleeping. It’s cold, and so my hot chocolate is especially enjoyable! I haven’t taken the pink trees down yet. So I am still enjoying the pink glow as I sit here with the lights out enjoying some quiet. It feels like I haven’t had any quiet in awhile…I […]

skiing in china??!

Being a Utah girl, it’s really hard for me to want to go skiing anywhere else. I mean, I have been completely spoiled with pristine snow, and mountain conditions my entire life, so skiing in anything less than fabulous, is just not something I am interested in! however… here in BEIJING we live about 40 […]

in the mood to create?

so now that the stress of christmas is officially OVER… the kids are occupied with new toys… the fridge is full of left-overs… so you don’t need to cook for a couple days! (yea, right…) are you in the mood to get creative?? maybe win some stuff? there are 2 contests going on that i […]