color box love…

So I just have to mention a new little ‘addiction’ that I have been developing!! At preview day for  Creative Escape, which- as I have mentioned before, it’s when we get all the volunteers and teachers together and go over all the classes, so that we all know what to expect, blah blah blah… well, […]

being left home from CHA summer!

So for the second year in a row, I am missing the summer CHA show in Chicago…the advantus team is either already there or will be there tomorrow setting up and getting everything ready for the weekend. I really hate missing the show. I love seeing all my industry friends… it’s really the only time […]

one week old!

I can’t believe that it’s been almost a week that Connor has been here! This week has gone by really fast! I hope that I can get this whole thing figured out… try to figure out a schedule and a routine that is  going to work for everyone. This week has been very good. Luckily, […]

day three

I thought I would get a couple photos of this sweet baby connor posted…it’s been so nice to bring him home. We are all just so in love with him!  I think that Capri has finally realized that connor is a force to be reckoned with. He has a bottle and a blinky just like […]


well, we did it!YAY!!words can’t even express how amazing i feel… how relieved i am, and happy to have this sweet, sweet baby here! our body clocks are pretty messed up! it’s 3am and i finally feel like i can sit up and am even somewhat rested!  everything went smoothly! thanks for all the prayers […]


I love it when you get to this point, and people ask you … how long until you are due? And you can say: TOMORROW!!!! And they go “OH”… lol,  shocked-ish.  It’s so much better than having to say: “15 weeks” or even “3 weeks”… YAY… I am so ready, so excited! Here’s hoping that […]

happy 4th!!

This is one of my absolute favorite holidays! To me, it means going to the Oakley Rodeo, hangin at my grandpa’s cabin…yummy food, that always tastes MUCH better at the cabin. Roasting marshmallows over a fire, fishing in the stream… and sleeping SO good in the mountains, on a old soft mattress, and waking up […]

ok… club heidi is up!

****INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE**** Alrighteee.. We are finally ready to unveil the very first “club heidi” kit, at the brand new “club heidi” website… Here is the story:When you go to, you will see a button that says “july”…when you click on that button, you will then see a photo of everything included in […]

the DIET from h*ll

wow.i am being inundated with emails and comments about em’s diet!  here is a little note from em: Thank you so much for all your nice comments. I am feeling so great and amso glad that I did it. I will tell you it was really hard, and you have to be really committed andready […]

impressed… really impressed

i am in love. i love the wall color.i love the curtain… i so love the chandelier… and i will officially NEVER get over that huge amazing frame that is making my products look even YUMMIER and more beautiful to behold!!!i can’t stand how fabulous! this is a little peek into the amazingly tasteful store […]