friday catch up

I have this thing… about getting a head start on myself. Let me explain… if I have decided what I want to accomplish, or need to accomplish in a day… like tomorrow… I like to spend the night before getting a head start, verses relaxing, or finishing up other unfinished business. I like the feeling […]


Today was this total re-visitation to my life 8-9 years ago!  It was weird.Capri is teething.. man I forgot how miserable it is! she’s also got a bit of a cold, so she is not sleeping or napping well, so the normally, completely happy perfect baby is so sad… crying, running nose, wants to be […]

They have done it again!

Guess what I got in the mail! The newest member to the compendium family of fabulous inspirational items… The book is called “bloom”.And it’s beautiful and inspiring.I have read through it a number of times already… it’s very moving, reassuring, encouraging and warm.I LOVE the illustrative design, the beautiful cloth cover and the message, of […]

gentle reminders

I’m up with a really sick stomach. I am not sure at what point along the way I am going to realize that I CAN’T do spicy! Didn’t’ seem to matter last pregnancy… this time, even the slightest bit of zip in any food, causes great regret a few hours down the road…tonight I felt […]

where does the time go?

I don’t think I realized how long it’s been since I blogged!Where does the time go?It’s scary. I was sitting here today wondering what I have been doing for the last 10 days since I blogged? went to Orlando to get a taste of the builders show… eric’s booth ROCKED! They got tons of attention… […]

my corner rounder

In my big picture class, A year to remember (AYTR) as we all casually refer to it… (I am SO SO SO LOVING teaching at BPS…) I mean, really this on-line stuff totally rocks… I feel connected, I appreciate the opportunity and I am loving seeing the response from the women in the class… I […]

another monday eve!

I broke down and made chocolate chip cookies today.I needed the caloric therapy. (chuckle)They turned out so good. I have eaten 3… and preparing to eat 3 more… with milk. I have been asked several times for my recipe… so, I think it’s time to share:You must follow these instructions perfectly…and even still, I can’t […]

the good and the bad…

Wow. Is there any other word?I was only home for a few minutes today in between basketball games and Saturday errands…and in phone contact all day with the team trying to deal with the freakishly overwhelming registration process this morning.  I think that the only way to explain what went wrong this morning… is to […]

CHA winter (long) overview

I have now tried 4 times to blog about CHA… I tried before, during, and now that I am finally home, maybe I can gather my thoughts, feelings, emotions of it all, and not cut into my otherwise –decompression- time! I am so lame for not blogging the whole process, because it really is quite […]