it's a ……

GIRL! Baby Capri Swapp was born Monday at 5:12 pm, she is 7 lbs, 2 oz. 20 inches of cuteness.This is the DH posting for Heidi, who is doing great and is thankful for epiderals (sp?).Heidi is convinced that the whole heartburn lots of hair theory is for real, Capri has lots of blonde hair […]


well… i got that dissapointing call from the hospital that i was 1/2 expecting! my dr. said that the hospital would call me by 10 pm to let me know if i could come in for my 5am appt. well, at 10:01pm, i got the call that the hospital is at capacity… that has happened […]

penciled in~

like my big huge calendar?i thought maybe it would help me with deadlines…um, turns out… it doesn’t take care of the deadline problem, but it sure looks cute! i got it from pottery barn… it’s huge, and it’s a white board and magnet board combo… all the numbers and months are magnets.. i can’t say […]


blogging is the LAST thing i should be doing right now…but i have been working on something for Creative Escape, and it  had me going through some old stuff that i have done… the oldies but goodies… it’s SUCH a delight to wander through my old pieces… remembering, reading…feeling so thankful that i wrote stuff […]

moving on up

well, today was quincy’s first official day in her new room! for whatever reason, i keep thinking about the little ‘bearnstien bears’ book that talks abouat a new baby… and how sister bear had to move out of her little room, and her little bed to make room for the baby that was coming. i […]


This morning I got a call from a friend who said she had something she wanted to give me before my baby came… quincy invited her daughter to come over and play so she was going to come by. She showed up with tubes of soaps, lotions, exfoliators and the like and announced to me […]

early morning nesting

i am exhausted. it’s ridiculous.i am in all-out-‘nesting’ mode…and i can’t stop!of course, with the new member of the family very close to arriving, everything must move. we have to move the den, to move quincy, to make the nursery. in order to move the den we had to clean out all the crap in […]


so i still haven’t seen it in real life. these are my aunts.. they actually took these photos the first time the kit was available during the testing period… see… a long time ago, i think it was march, costco agreed to ‘test’ this kit. so it shipped to 8 costcos that were totally random. […]

cha summer

so… i am missing out. i just got off the phone w/ em and i made her give me all the details i could think to ask… who she has spoken with… who has she seen, what people are buzzing about and anything else! i am feeling so left out! of course, it’s for a […]


I am happy to report, that I made an conscious effort to take photos today. I got some cute ones… I did a lot of sitting, a little sleeping and catch this, I actually went in the water! Great beach day. Eric took some great shots of Cory in surf camp, so cute- and I […]