just in case there was any question ever about how cool DONNA is… she emailed me these photos tonight in an email with the subject line reading “i made an album from your garbage!”… these boxes are what the silhouettes come packaged in…and i think a few more things… most people don’t see what the […]

for the love of monday

why… you ask… do i love monday??? can anyone guess????? 24 is on tonight. i can’t wait. and the cleaners come on monday. my house smells so good. i had my first dr. appointment today! pretty exciting! i got to see my baby! it was so fun to see it with the ultra sound… how […]


so happy to be home! i can’t believe how good it felt to sleep in my own bed… i totally slept in, and i have been laying around watching nick jr. with quincy all morning… i am so exhausted! we had such a great show… things went more smoothly than ever… many thanks go out […]

CHA… oh my…!

i think i have everything together. this week has been so crazy… and what i have planned for the booth is nuts. i hope that it comes off ok. there are some unknowns, and some time constraints… so i am nervous. i have been looking at photos and scrapbook pages of last year CHA winter […]

fun with maskS!

so… always people are asking me what my favorite product is… and i can tell you, that it’s impossible to pick a favorite! i love it all so much! however… i have to admit, that i am quite proud of the masks… the creative, artistic, non-conformist soul inside me really likes the masks… i love […]

beach taco shop

i have to share these photos… this was so fuN! we left the perfect ‘resort life’ and headed out in search of a surf spot on the pacific side… it was up toward todos santos. k, so we rented a suburban and we weren’t really sure where we were going — so we found this […]


well, i took a few more photos today… i got some really beautiful shots… not too hard to do around here. seriously, this resort life rocks… i sat here on the edge of this cliff all day… on the beach chairs and then in the afternoon we napped in this little sun-bed thing that is […]

little slice of paradise

i hate to tell you this… but i am in cabo san lucas, mexico… my folks have a time share here… and invited all of us ‘kids’… (me, cam and katie + spouses) down for the week! it was their christmas gift to all of us! pretty awesome. so there are 8 of us in […]

tagged by donna

ok…. so my cutie friend DONNA DOWNEY tagged me…so here goes… don’t you just love donna… i think she rocks. and then i am going to get some work done… since all i have done today is dealt with a barfing dog and determining the winner for my junk contest!!! (really she is getting the […]