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desktop organizer at my craft channel

it’s Wednesday and today a popular episode of Create to Remember on My Craft Channel is playing again! i just love this desktop organizer and I know there are so many of you that have asked where you can find one because they are no longer available at Jo-Ann stores. i am so excited to […]


Thanks… AND giving… that’s really what this season is all about!  my thoughts have been with the folks that were effected by the Hurricane Sandy, and I think that I have sort of sat- so far away… watching the devastation and wondering what I could do to help! (this is jodi) A good friend of […]

NEW 'Create to Remember': Circle Journal

Welcome to Wednesday! Which means that a new episode of my show on My Craft Channel airs!  Today’s show is all about the concept of  ‘Circle Journals’ – have you ever participated in a Circle Journal? The idea is that you combine with a few of your creative friends, and each person in the ‘circle’ […]

create a stationary gift set

Welcome to Wednesday and another new episode of ‘Create to Remember’… this week, I create a beautiful card and letter writing set inspired by a project that I made in a class I taught last year with Jessica Sprague (the mother’s day Mouse, Paper, Scissors).  In fact, you can still take that class as a […]