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Meal Planning Bullet Journal

Meal Planning Bullet Journal Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes by @createoften for @heidiswapp
Have you made a New Year Resolution to eat healthier? I would love to sit here and tell you that last year it was my resolution to eat cleaner and I followed through, met my goal weight, and I am a better person because of it. Instead, just like many times before, I failed miserably. […]

Minc It Monday | Light-Up Shadow Box

Light-Up Shadow Box using the @heidiswapp Minc Foil Applicator Machine by @createoften
Welcome to another week of Minc It Monday, where the team shares tips and tricks when using the Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator Machine. This week I have been, along with most of the media team, purging and cleaning my office and craft space. There is something about the change of seasons that makes me […]

Minc It Monday | Revitalize Old Notebooks

Revitalize those old notebooks with a Minc Foiled Cover | Minc It Monday | Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp
Happy happy Monday everyone! It’s almost back-to-school time in these parts, and helping the kids get all of their school stuff together has me so inspired! If you’re like us, you buy everything on the kids’ school supply lists…send them off to school in the fall with their backpacks stuffed with pencils, notebooks & folders…and then […]

DIY Lemonade Bar

Julianne Hough's Bridal Shower - DIY Lemonade Bar by @heidiswapp
My favorite DIY flavored LEMONADE! Summer is in full swing, and that calls for LEMONADE! I have 4 AMAZING lemonade recipes that are delicious EVERYDAY, but would be the perfect addition to ANY special occasion or event!  These fruity, flavored lemonades are not only TOTALLY delicious, but also just beautiful! Flavored drinks are all the […]

Minc Hostess Gift – Plus FREE Download

This is the the time of year where our schedules are filled with family activities and holiday celebrations. When visiting someone’s home for a BBQ or potluck, I am not known for my cooking. I am better in the craft room than the kitchen. However, I love a hostess gift that lasts. Hey, that pasta […]

in honor of fathers past and present!

Free Printable Father's Day Cards - by Heidi Swapp
This weekend it is our privilege to honor our fathers… my mind has been full of thoughts about the wonderful, dedicated men in our lives, and how deeply grateful I am for my husband and my dad; but also the men who have gone before, paving the way for my life today; particularly my Grandfathers. […]

how i really feel about mother’s day…

is it too soon to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day? i don’t think so! maybe we should make it into a huge week-long celebration! how about a week of sleeping in? a week without doing dishes, or meal prep? a week devoted to putting your own priorities at the top of the list? well, […]

Documenting Your NOW | Time Capsule

Documenting Your NOW :: Heidi Swapp Time Capsule | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp
HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOW! 2017! I’m so excited for this year! I just feel like it’s going to be the best one yet… One of the things I love to do at the beginning of the year is to get a record of what my kids are doing & loving RIGHT NOW. Enter Heidi’s Time […]

Gratitude Album | InstaLove

Put together a quick & easy November Gratitude Album with Heidi Swapp's new InstaLove Collection | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp
Hey hey everyone! Maggie here with a look at a project I’ll be putting together all this month! I decided I needed a QUICK & EASY and completely DO-ABLE gratitude album to help me document November. It had to be one that didn’t require much thought or too many components …and one that I wouldn’t lose […]

DIY marquee pumpkins

lets kick off this Halloween season with the coolest DIY pumpkin project EVER! you should know that i am a Halloween lover… i don’t love the blood and gore stuff. i HATE scary movies. you will NEVER catch me going to a haunted house or anything creepy like that… but i am ALL about fun […]