create a unique foiled design on your scrapbook page.

I discovered a new technique recently using the Minc and the Minc toner pen and I think I am in love!

I’m sure you have all seen the adult colouring books that are all the rage at the moment and I thought why not try  the technique with the Minc  and the new Ombre foil.  These drawings and patterns involve repeating lines and shapes to fill in a drawn shape. What better way to create a unique design element on your scrapbook layout than create your own patterned drawing with the Minc Toner pen.  I decided upon a fun pineapple shape to suit the theme of my Hawaiian photos and hand drew a large flower in the centre and filled in the remaining areas of my shape with repeated floral shapes and lines. I must say as I was filling my pineapple with the patterns and designs it was such a freeing feeling being able to not worry about being precise or having a perfect design!  (At the end of my post you will see an easy step out set of photos to see how easy it is to create this yourself).

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

The pink and gold Ombre foil gives such a stunning varigated  effect on my pineapple image. It adds such a classy effect to my page. I wanted the foiled pineapple to be the star of my layout so I kept the embellishments to a minimum to keep the focus on the foiled pineapple.

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

I layered my photos, chipboard title and journaling over my patterned pineapple to create a cohesive effect.

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

I added some splashes of black Colorshine  to my layout and I layered some sheer stickers over and around my photo to add dimension.

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

To complete my layout I added some enamel dots from my stash for a fun pop of color on the leaves of my pineapple. It adds such a fun and vibrant feel!

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

Let me show you how easy it is to create this effect.

How to create a Unique Foiled pattern design for your Scrapbook Page.

Step 1. Print off an image of your choice and lay it over some plain white cardstock. Use a  lead pencil trace around the outline of your image pressing fairly hard on your paper to create a slight indented image on the cardstock underneath. You could also use tracing paper for this technique too.

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

Step 2. Grab your Minc Toner pen, trace over the outline of your image and then fill it with lines and patterns of you choice. There is a mountain of ideas online to give your inspiration for your design. Just look up Adult colouring books and be inspired!

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

Step 3. Choose your foil color and run it through your Minc machine. The results are just amazing and it creates a beautiful starting point for for your layout.

@kimjeffress for @heidiswapp Minc and entangle designs

I really hope you try this technique on an upcoming layout, it creates such a beautiful design element !

Supplies: Minc Foil Applicator,  Minc Toner Ink Marker, Pink and Gold Ombre Reactive Foil


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