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For the Love Kit Jessica Sprague Heidi Swappi have been so focused on the show, i almost forgot that yesterday this GORGEOUS kit that i worked on with Jessica Sprague became available… it is almost february after all! (gasp!) and valentines day is just around the corner… as you know, i love love love valentines day, and i had so much fun playing with these gorgeous designs! i am SO into the colors- the kit is playful with a touch a vintage and a dash of modern… i know you will love it! so this kit is a little different than the others we did- there is one kit that has the papers, embellishments, all kinds of parts and pieces… that are just digi… but also included in the kit are all the printable hybrid components to make 3 fabulous-gorgeous projects… along with the pdf instructions with all the step by step photos AS WELL AS 7 video lessons to walk you through making all this stuff. it’s SO cool! here is a look at the projects.. so… here is the kit preview:ok, there is a TON OF STUFF in here… and it’s delightfuL! the WHOLE BALL OF WAX is ONLY $22.99 you will be in love!! check it out! it’s soo cute!

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