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I am so very excited about the newest Heidi Swapp Instax Vintage collection, exclusive to Michael’s Stores! Heidi is always pushing herself to create new home decor pieces with each Instax collection and this time it tops it all!

This FUN metal “love” word is a part of the collection. Hang it on its own or create Instax wall art with it! Inside the package it even comes with a template so that you can position your Instax photos perfectly, similar to Fuji Films’ Instax image below.

Fuji Film Instax Magnet Love DIY Wreath by @createoften for @heidiswapp

I fell in LOVE with the piece that I wanted to create a DIY wreath I could hang all year long.

Fuji Film Instax Magnet Love DIY Wreath by @createoften for @heidiswapp

Here is the how-to:

Shopping List

Large Embroidery Hoop

Black Paint

Heidi Swapp Instax Vintage Metal Wall Word

2 Faux Floral Greenery Stems

1 Faux Air Plant Stem

Fishing Line

Hot Glue/Gun

Wire Cutters

Fuji Film Instax Magnet Love DIY Wreath by @createoften for @heidiswapp


  • Spray paint your embroidery hoop and let dry.
  • Remove greenery branches from stem with wire cutters. Use the hot glue gun to arrange the greenery. I made it heavier on the bottom than on the top, but you can do it however you like!
  • Decide how many air plants to add depending on how big your air plants are on your stem. Mine were large so I did 3. Use wire cutters to remove them from the stem if they need them. Sometimes they pop off easily. Hot glue them on the wreath. This project would work well with real air plants too, just don’t hot glue them on so that they can be watered weekly!
  • Using fishing line, hang the “Love” word from the top of the hoop.


Fuji Film Instax Magnet Love DIY Wreath by @createoften for @heidiswapp

You can hang your pictures with the magnets that come with the magnet word, or use the new Instax Vintage card packs like I did!

This is such a fun way to decorate your front door and all the supplies can be found at your local Michael’s store!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Instax Vintage Metal Wall Word Love and Instax Filler Cards


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