new week!

woke up this morning to a gorgeous 50 degree-blue skied day! i went to bed last night at 10pm, so i felt rested when the alarm woke me up, and wow… i should do that more often! i felt like my cold had subsided a bit, and i just felt overall happy to be alive. it's a good feeling. that happens on monday! when i feel like i have a WHOLE WEEK at my disposal! i love mondays…there is a lot going on this week- good stuff, so i have been making lists, and gearing up… trying to get myself organized to get it all done.
i want to share an experience i had yesterday… was having a good day; i was tired from my quick trip to AZ for the Scrap Happy Birthday party (SO fun), but everything was good…i had a meeting with one of my church leaders-someone that i don't know that well, but had occasion to meet with him. he took a minute to ask me how things were going in my life and in our family- he knew we'd just had a couple of moves and that i had 5 kids etc… and obviously could tell i was battling my cold.  i told him that things were coming together, and how i was finally liked school and etc. etc. etc.  overall, i try to think positive and not complain, cause it doesn't really help- and i hadn't said anything negative…other than it was challenging juggling all my responsibilities… i was so touched as he took a moment to acknowledge all i was doing, and that it wasn't easy!  he then asked if we could say a prayer, and he proceeded to pray for me. and it was truly the most compassionate thing. he asked the Lord to bless me in all kinds of areas…things that i hadn't even mentioned, and ways that i was astonished he knew i needed extra help in. his prayer was simple, and included my children, and our family.  The reason i am sharing this quite personal and very spiritual experience here on my very public blog… is to  maybe extend a reminder that each and every one of us in this world, no matter our circumstance or our age… we NEED compassion. and when that compassion is offered with love and genuine concern… it strengthen, and lifts and gives an added measure of capacity to face all the things that life has to offer. all of us are dealing with things that challenge us on our own level.. from potty training to spelling words, —which may not even compare to cancer or loss of loved ones… but still to that person, the compassion offered works the same.
Compassion = understanding, listening, acknowledging and caring.
just something to think about today… i do feel an added measure of hope, and endurance today, which i am sure is a blessing from that good man that took the time to care, pray and encourage… for me.
and for that, i am SO thankful. so thankful.

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