springy fuN!

just made my new banner w/ the "Spring Junque" stuff from the House of 3 site! wow… i am LOVING it… i was up late last night just creating, and kinda working on 3 different projects, and by 3 am…just gave in- and didn't really commit and finish anything… i am secretly happy that it's snowy and cold that gives me a good reason to stay in a 'hunker down' as we say in our familY! I am throughly enjoying the down time. it's really allowed me to think about our Savior and his infinite sacrifice. This weekend is "General Conference" for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and we get to join with members all over the world to listen to counsel and inspiration from our world leaders. It's a treat to have it land on Easter weekend.  it's humbling and tender to contemplate the impact of the Savior's life and death, my emotions and thoughts have been deep with gratitude. I know that HE lives, and loves us. As i have been reading the accounts of the Savior's final days, and hours…my heart is full- i guess i can't really express my feelings here on my blog-but i do hope that all my family, friends know that i believe in Christ. that HE is our Savior. and that i am so eternally grateful that because of His great sacrifice we can be forgiven for our mistakes, and through him become BETTER. i also know that in Him we can find strength greater than our own. i love Easter, and all that it represents… that He LIVES!  may you enjoy a blessed Easter…if you are looking for a little something to read, or share with your children, or just ponder for yourself…this is a website dedicated to the life and teachings of Christ.  it's pretty awesome! Spring is just such a PERFECT metaphor for the promise of the Savior's life. i think that just amplifies the beauty and miracle! it truly is a cause for celebration! HE IS RISEN! and with Him, so is hope, patience, love, compassion and truth.


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