video rendering…

yikes it’s 4am and i have been rendering video after video… it’s a killer! i need a suped up computer- clearly my 5-yr-old dinasaur is hobbling along churning out these little how-to clips! however, i am SUPER thankful that it’s working! yea, you guessed it, full swing ‘art of observation’ production! it’s awesomei am sick of looking at myself, i’ll tell you that much!
good stuff…

on the bright side, all the ‘WAITING’ for videos to export and compress and render…i have had time to work on a couple sample for classes and projects for upcoming events! so many things in the works-i had to get a white board! you know it’s bad when you have to map things out on a white board!

just announced… i will be teaching 3 classes in San Jose at a shop that just feels like home… ‘Scrapbook Island’! i am really looking forward to it, the last weekend of March. Saturday March 31, i’ll be teaching a total of 3 classes- watch for all the details… we are just finalizing the classes and times! but i will tell you this… we’ll be playing with Memory Files, Color Magic and even making one of my favorite litte creations: a magnetic book! so if you are in the vicinity… or even within a day’s drive… come PLAY!

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