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Img_7275 So.. it’s officially july! We are settling into a routine around here… I mean, after all I have been home for like 2 weeks, and I have 2 more weeks before a leave again… so that is all kinds of time to have a short stint of regimen! lol … so what is new? The kids are enrolled in a bilingual school for the fall. We just made the decision and commitment, and I am really excited for them. it’s going to be awesome. We have a tutor that is coming to help get them ready for Chinese classes. Setting a foundation. This will continue through the summer. They are already speaking a ton, and their written Chinese is pretty impressive! Can you believe this? It’s shocking how quickly kids learn. It’s not clicking like that for me. (shocker).  We also have a new pet… a bird! His name is Valiant, and we are in the process of training him… we have had him for a little over a month and he seems to be very happy here! Very vocal, very friendly and loves to be involved…it’s so cute. We had a cockatiel when I was growing up, and we all just loved him! It’s so fun. (sorry Emily).
And..this is my accomplishment from last night. I decided to make it a little bit interactive! I cut some of the days so they became flaps and printed up some small photos to put behind. The kids are loving it.

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