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Welcome to Minc It Monday! Today we are featuring your Top 5 Favorite Minc posts that we have shared within the year! The Minc Foil Applicator Machine has so many unique ways to foil and these ways were what impressed you the most!

1.Foiled Lightbox

Lindsay Bateman shared how to use the Minc Reactive Art Screen Ink on a transparency. Then she used it in her Mini Lightbox!

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

To see how she created it, check out her full tutorial here.

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

2.Foiled Leaves

Heidi Swapp’s Mini Marquee Banner was a hit, but the foiled leaves she created were the show-stopper! You loved the way she customized these diecut shapes. No matter what season it is, the Minc Reactive Paint is so much fun to paint shapes and use them in any craft project!

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

You can get Heidi’s how-to right here!

3. Reactive Mist Fun!

They way you all reacted to Maggie Massey’s Reactive Mist tutorial, we knew you had fallen in love with the Mist just like we had!


Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

See how Maggie got this stenciled look here!

4. Foiled Home Decor Prints

One of Heidi Swapp’s top tutorials is her “Gallery Wall Tips”. Not only is there so much inspiration from Heidi in this post, but she shows exactly how to create a gallery wall.

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

Heidi loves to add foiled custom images to her walls. In this post, you all loved the free printables as much as we did!

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

To get those printables and see more gallery wall inspiration, visit the original post here.

5. DIY Foiled Vinyl

Lastly, you all love seeing how you can use your Minc to create one of a kind projects. You were just as excited to learn that you can foil vinyl like the rest of us!

Top 5 Minc DIY Foiling Ideas for @heidiswapp

To learn how I foiled the vinyl for this mug, watch the video here.

There is so much you can do with the Minc! Check out Heidi’s Minc Pinterest board for even more inspiration and subscribe to her YouTube channel so you don’t miss any of her how-to videos! Until next Minc It Monday, #foilallthethings!

Supplies: Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Applicator Machine


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