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Pineapple Crush | Summer Mini Album

Hello friends! Today I am here to share a project that plain and simple just made me feel HAPPY. Sometimes returning to just the basics is what one needs.  To just play, reflect, experiment and let that creative muscle do it’s thing! Working with the Heidi Swapp Pineapple Crush collection was truly the best creative […]

Hawthorne Stamps Meet a Storyline Page

Hello again, everyone! Happy Wednesday! We recently returned from our summer vacation to Upstate New York and I have so many photos to document! SO. MANY. PHOTOS. I’ve decided I’m going to take a few of my favorites…a few that kind of explain the whole trip and will spark the most memories…and scrap them using […]

Summer Even When it is Winter

Happy Summer to you…or should I say Happy Winter to you from Downunder Brisbane Australia. Living in this beautiful city you  can sometimes mistake our Winter for Summer because our Winter’s are so mild and some days and weeks so warm it could almost be a Summers day. Recently my family and I visited a […]

How to Add Color to a Scrapbook Page

Have you ever been out and taken photos of the building, signs, or even floor of a place you visited? When we were in Austin, TX for the Go Wild for Planners event, we were told to make sure to check out Torchys Tacos. It is funny that I didn’t even take a photo of […]