an 'epic' layout with no limits …

Have you started thinking about Father’s day? how can you not… right? With all the store signage, ads and commercials! Well… I have some ideas floating around… I mean, the guys (my dad, and my hubby) they are pretty special.  But I find that it’s never EASY to come up with something (handmade) that they will really appreciate!? Is it just me?

I wanted to share this project created by Jess Mutty… she makes it look SO easy! I LOVE how she has combined ALL the No Limits papers, and they look awesome together! The Hexagon trend is SO much fun! And I love that it can be masculine or feminine…big or little… or even a mixture of sizes! the details on this project are fabulous… like how she created this awesome cluster of banner delights, stars, disco arrow, color magic letters all topped with a buzz word “EPIC”.  Her layering is so well-done!  you have to look close to take it all in! and i love how that white background just keeps this project feeling clean and simple, even though it’s got so many amazing details!

Jess… Gorgeous work!  thanks for sharing!

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