MINC it Monday I MINC Starter Kit Tutorial

MINC starter kit mini tutorial I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp
Happy Monday friends! As many of you know, Monday’s around here are all about our love and obsession…the MINC!  Today I want to share with you all a quick breakdown of one of the brand new MINC products that is now showing up at select JoAnn store locations…it is the MINC Starter Kit.  SO fun, […]

How to Hang Your Marquee Shapes

How to hang your marquee shapes by @createoften for @heidiswapp
As Heidi Swapp’s customer service representative, I get a lot of questions about products. One of the most common questions I wanted to answer today! Not all numbers, letters and shapes can defy gravity. When the design team at American Crafts helped create the marquee shapes, most have been designed to be able to sit […]

Halloween in Lights Decor | Luminarias

Fun Halloween Decor for 2016! | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp
I remember years and years (and years…ugh) ago trick-or-treating with my parents & brother and seeing luminarias for the very first time. I thought those lit-up bags lining driveways and fences were just about the coolest thing EVER…and since then I’ve always wanted to add them to my holiday decor. Trouble was, I never really […]

DIY Faux Wooden Board

DIY faux chopping board
Sometimes my creations are born out of necessity. I have been searching for several months for an apple shaped chopping board to use as decor piece in my kitchen but I have not been able to find one. When Heidi set me the task of using the Gallery Wall collection exclusive to Michaels stores this […]

Elder Colton Swapp

HS_mission1 copy
in June, my oldest son Colton received a mission call to serve for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. we are members of the LDS church, and when young men are 18, or young women are 19 years old, they are eligible to serve. both my […]

Lunch Box Notes | Minc Mixed Media

Minc Mixed Media - Lunch Box Notes | @MaggieWMassey for @HeidiSwapp
Happy Monday, everyone! Maggie here with a fun little project just in time for the new school year! I LOVE the idea of lunch box notes…you know, little reminders you slip into your kids’ lunches that let them know you are thinking of them? I know that, as my kids get older (especially my boys), […]

Memory Planner in a Year

Jennifer Evans Memory Planner_Featured
This time last year I started this Memory Planner and now I have an entire album filled with moments to remember forever. I used this planner for what Heidi likes to call “stopping the blur“. I write one little thing everyday, or at least most days. This year, I just enjoyed the process. I didn’t […]


Marquee Love Halloween Home Decor Chandelier I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp
I am SO excited to share one of my most FAVOURITE brand new Heidi Swapp product releases with you all today!  Note….that if you have NOT yet seen this Halloween collection, you must!  It is really SO much fun.  The BEST part?!? It has lights! Yes….all of it lights up to transform any space of […]

Distressed Pumpkin Marquee

Cooler weather will be here before we know it and when it does, I get excited about plaid, blankets, apple cider, and caramel apples from our local farmer’s market. My favorite place to visit in the Fall is the local pumpkin farms. We love to grow pumpkins in Oregon and the farms try to out […]

Foiled Planner Dashboard

Foil up a Planner Dashboard with the Heidi Swapp Minc Machine. Jamie Pate shows you how. | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp
To say I need a planner is an understatement. It’s a daily habit. I guess I should say it in a plural way as there is more than one planner that is part of my daily life. But what I also need daily is creativity. Creativity + my planner = a happy memory keeper. For […]