The Great Wall

I have wanted to visit the Great Wall since we got here… I would have gone on the first day if I had the chance. It was the number one thing I wanted to check out. I guess that somehow, I thought that I’d be able to see it from everywhere… like, I had a […]

Expats for Olympic Torchbearers…PLEASE VOTE!!

Alright.. I would love your help everyone!! I just met this cutest girl, her name is Ellie Goldrup… she is awesome. She and her family have lived all over the world with the state department… anyway, she was lucky enough to win a competition that made her a finalist to be able to carry the […]

Great Saturday

It’s 9:30pm, and after this busy day, I am totally exhausted!It’s been a great day! We woke up and cleaned the whole house. I love the all-clean house feeling! That lasted for about 45 seconds… (chuckle)…today started out really quite rainy, but the rain went away and the afternoon was all blue skies(since we never […]

fabric market

So Friday afternoon, for a Relief Society field trip, we went to the biggest fabric market here in Beijing. Eric came home from work so that Kylee and I could both go.  I guess there are several, but that this one is the biggest. I can’t remember the name of it –  I have to […]

thursday night

Thursday night means RUGBY for my boys (mostly E, but Colton and Cory have been tagging along.  Practice is 2 days a week, and games on Saturday. Eric has had a fascination with the sport since BYU days, and seriously just loves it. it gives me stress, cause it always seems like he (and everyone) […]

appreciation contemplation

Today was ‘appreciation day’ in our household. I have been thinking a lot about things I appreciate…how things are different. It’s kind of shocking how significantly my life has changed! It has given me LOTS to think about.  I was given some advice about moving to a foreign country before we came…I was told not […]


Thank you Hannah-Cherie who emailed me and told me the game is called "Rapidough"… here is a link: amazon UK Rapidough game we had so much fun playing…


So I have decided that I hate being illiterate. I have to learn the language around here… it’s stressing me out that I can’t communicate with people. I wanted to order a pizza tonight. There is a Domino’s pizza here really close believe it or not! So I thought I’d call… we were getting together […]

oct. club heidi

I think I am a day or 2 behind on this…  but  the OCTOBER club heidi kit is up! And has lots of fun fall and Halloween stuff in it! I wish I had a kit right about now, cause it think it would be fun to make a playing card banner that says ‘happy […]

old summer palace

ok, up and at ‘em! It’s been one week since we arrived here in Beijing. I was asking eric if it seemed like longer than a week, or shorter than a week!? The time has passed so quickly, and despite the stress of it all, I think we are all feeling remarkable peaceful and enjoying […]