come to china…..

ok, so some of the details have been announced for this cool trip! i am so excited about it… JIM’s BLOG i am off to the fabric market this morning to buy silk to make some pajamas! i

happy new year!

It’s Sunday night…the house is quiet…everyone is sleeping. It’s cold, and so my hot chocolate is especially enjoyable! I haven’t taken the pink trees down yet. So I am still enjoying the pink glow as I sit here with the lights out enjoying some quiet. It feels like I haven’t had any quiet in awhile…I […]

skiing in china??!

Being a Utah girl, it’s really hard for me to want to go skiing anywhere else. I mean, I have been completely spoiled with pristine snow, and mountain conditions my entire life, so skiing in anything less than fabulous, is just not something I am interested in! however… here in BEIJING we live about 40 […]

in the mood to create?

so now that the stress of christmas is officially OVER… the kids are occupied with new toys… the fridge is full of left-overs… so you don’t need to cook for a couple days! (yea, right…) are you in the mood to get creative?? maybe win some stuff? there are 2 contests going on that i […]

merry christmas

There is nothing like Christmas morning! It’s just so exciting.. and we  love to torture the kids by coming up w/ every excuse not to get right to the presents… like putting on music… and having to brush teeth, and change diapers for babies… and get a bottle for connor, and then making them open […]

I have to say that one of the best parts of Christmas is how well the kids seem to get along together as it gets closer and closer! I know, I haven’t blogged in FOREVER. I am not even sure if can remember all that has been going on around here… feels like my world […]

catching up

It has been forever since I last blogged… I can’t believe how I blink, and there goes a week! I have been sitting here wondering what I have been doing in the last week or so… i am feeling totally exhausted. The house is quiet, and normally that would energize me, but instead I am […]

just a few ideas…

How is the holiday gift production coming?? Are you buying gifts on-line? Or making them? or giving gift cards?? I have been making some gifts…clocks and mini-books mostly! Shhhh… don’t tell! Lol. if you are looking for some quick, and easy ideas… maybe something that you could give your sister… or best friend! Go and […]

dreaming of a pink christmas

So I have to admit, that as Emily started packing to go home, I started feeling a twinge of homesickness… It’s weird that I haven’t really felt that since we left… maybe since I have just been overwhelmed with getting settled, and totally enjoying the ride. But I couldn’t stop thinking about cruising through the […]

thanksgiving weekend…monday!

Happy Monday… I love Monday! I love how super-charged I feel after the weekend, and a restful Sunday and the beginning of a fresh new week. Not much is better than thanksgiving weekend, you know? Left overs to snack on every time you walk through the kitchen… friends and family around…special events and get togethers… […]