Introducing Hawthorne

I am so excited to introduce my newest paper collection Hawthorne! This collection is a mix of dark florals and vintage inspired prints that will inspire you to “make pretty stuff”! The beautiful paper, embellishments, stamps, and Minc-able accessories will make it easy for you to create and document your adventures! Cardstock stickers have an […]

welcome to your fresh start: 2018ex

During that week between Christmas and New Year’s, I was doing that typical ‘Heidi-move’ of making LONG lists of everything I wanted to change about myself. I covered all aspects of my life: eat healthy, drink more water, reduce my screen time, plan meals, get up early, loose weight, smile more, become more spiritually connected, […]

Heidi Swapp Fresh Start Desktop Calendar Unboxing

Desktop Calendar by Jen Evans_1
It is finally time to show off the newest addition to the Memory Planner family! The Desktop Calendar was inspired by Heidi’s own large desktop calendar that she hangs inside her home. This is a catch all for all her family events. Like Heidi, my family has always had an “old school” calendar that the […]

DIY Minc Art Screen Card

DIY Minc Art Screen Card by Jen Evans for @heidiswapp
One of my favorite things to watch is the wow-factor that the MINC Foil Applicator gives when I do demos. This last week at Creativation, I had the opportunity to demo the MINC to so many people and every time someone pulled back the foil it was the same reaction. The Reactive Art Screen Ink […]

How to Have a Super Party with Lightbox

How To Have a Super Party with Heidi Swapp Lightbox by Jamie Pate | @jamiepate for @heidiswapp
I’m of the opinion that our family is gaining the reputation that if there is a reason to have a party then that is just what we will do. Our family just so happens to love football. Years ago we started a family football pool. Just a little friendly competition among our tribe to choose […]

Fresh Start Iridescent Personal Planner

Heidi Swapp Iridescent Memory Planner
Welcome back to the blog today, I hope you have enjoyed our little tour around the brand new Memory Planner collection called Fresh Start. Lindsay shared about the Spiral Planner kit here and Maggie shared the Pink Glitter personal planner in this post. Today I am sharing more about one of my favorite planners from […]

Instax Vintage | DIY Mini Book

instax vintage mini album I @lindsaybateman for @heidiswapp
Hi everyone!  Today I want to share a really fun DIY project you can make using an Instax Vintage Prompt Album. In it’s original form, these albums are filled with blank pages that feature prompts which allows you to match up your instax photos (or regular photos) to the corresponding prompt on each page.  As […]

Storyline | National Handwriting Day

Documenting National Handwriting Day with Heidi Swapp Storyline | Maggie Massey
Happy National Handwriting Day! Yep – there’s actually a National Handwriting Day…go figure. When is the last time you documented your handwriting? Oh, you never have? Well, you should. I know that some of you out there hate the way you write. You’re comparing your perfectly fantastic handwriting to someone else’s perfectly fantastic handwriting and you […]

Instax Vintage Wall Calendar

IMG_1308jj copy
I love that Heidi creates such beautiful things that they can serve as both a practical and decorative piece in my home. One such item is the Instax Vintage wall calendar that can be found at your local Michaels stores. I adore the rich and elegant floral pattern on each page. It hangs in my […]

Storyline + Jane Davenport

Using Mixed Media on a Storyline layout | Maggie Massey for Heidi Swapp
Hey there, everyone! It’s me, Maggie! And today I’m here to share my latest Storyline page. My challenge for this page was to add some mixed media items…and who does mixed media better than Jane Davenport? No one. That’s who. So I dug through my supply of amazing Jane products and picked out some of […]