i am SO irritated… Tuesday morning, I got up and totally
wrote up this long blog post about all the stuff I’d been up to… I posted it,
activated all my links, and then I must have gotten distracted, and not hit
‘save’… wrote a couple emails, and closed my computer as I jetted out the door
to go to I scrap AZ to teach my Energy Journal class… I didn’t realize that I
didn’t save until last night. BUMMER! 
I’ll have to recap later, and introduce you to the awesome stores I

I had a great trip to AZ;  I was HOPPIN’. 
I felt like I was either driving to a store, teaching or preparing to
teach… but I have to admit, I had a BLAST doing it! I made tons of new friends…that
is what I love about it. Tuesday night 5 different rep groups pulled together
about 75 vendors and created a little mini CHA show for the stores they service
in the Southwest: New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada. It was absolutely amazing.
They asked me to speak, and while I was excited and flattered, I was SO
nervous…and worked and worked on my presentation… by the time it came to speak,
I had changed it a few times, and what came out of my mouth, was even a final
revision…I was thankful to be there, and asked. I think that the preparation
and thinking, and planning for my presentation benefited me 100x more than
anyone else. It was just what I needed to hear. So thank you to Janna and
Kristan- and all the rest of you for that opportunity!


I arrived home yesterday (Wed) to a family very happy to see
me…you’d think I’d been gone for weeks! We goofed around most the afternoon,
did a little school shoe shopping (my kids will all go back to school in
Converse all-stars) and then spent the evening w/ my brother’s family having
dinner and playing, and essentially putting off the inevitable…unpacking and
organizing my studio.

I am the type that I can’t allow my brain to be creative
until all my ‘work’ is done… house work I mean… I can’t scrapbook or create
until the dishes are done, laundry folded, floors swept, toys put away etc. So
the 15 boxes that have been stacked up in my “office” have been an absolute
creative road block. I tried to just shove stuff here and there to get it out
of the way- just put it somewhere ‘for now’, but it’s time. I decided to get
after it today, and you know how it goes… it gets MUCH worse before it gets
better. I did manage to unpack ALL the boxes that were piled up. I went through
every inspiration bin, every container, every zip lock bag and purged,
organized, selected the placement of every button, brad, ribbon  and stamp. I filled my drawers, and my
shelves and I got so much done! I am feeling energized by the progress, and SO
looking forward to being able to get busy.

Here’s a couple things to check out:


This year at CE, we are doing a fund raiser for the Lymphoma
Society- we asked past and present teachers to decorate a cheap, little lamp
from IKEA. the results: AMAZING! (and delightful)… if you want to check them
out… you can see the little slide show of all the lamps here. (you will have to
scroll down a bit). SO much fun.

I have a WHOLE bunch of dates and places to announce where I
will be this fall (all the details coming soon!)… and I just got an email from
Alicia King who owns Scrapalicious in Rigby, Idaho.

The dates for the events are Oct. 2-3, and space is very
limited… I will be teaching at a FUDGE shop called ‘Heidi’s Fudge’ How perfect
is that? I have 3 classes on the docket, so check it out on her blog, and get
yourself registered! Everyone that is registered by September 1st,
2009 will be entered into a very special drawing to win some House of 3 Wall
Art and tote… as well as breakfast with ME Saturday morning! (a few other
little perks included as well) so HURRY and register!

I taught at Paper Vineyard in Chandler, AZ on Monday night
and I had a blast… this store had a great ‘feel’. The staff and owner are
amazing… so check it out… they have posted some fun photos from the class on
their blog. check it out! the Summer book that I taught was SO fun!  (I owe you girls photos… they are

*We have some really RAD stuff getting ready to launch at
House of 3… so stay tuned! We are also working on a little something fabulous for Ali Edward's class at Big Picture Scrapbooking… so ck that out.

One more week to Creative
Escape!! Make sure you downloaded the CE minibook (available on the CE blog)

And here is another little
created by Scrapbook.com starring ME! you’ll love this one! I filmed
three more little videos when I was in AZ, so watch for those! ENJOY!

*my folks have been in Fiji for a little more than a week now… if you want to peek into their mission adventures, you can read about it here… she's been a good blogger this week!

Ok, I’m getting my YUDU out!!  I think it’s going to be a
late night!



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