Memory Planners are here!

Now you can combine organization and daily documentation into a fashionable planner that is portable, functional and fun! Record your daily memories while also looking ahead to set reminders, confirm appointments, or schedule play dates! Each Memory Planner is non-dated allowing you to start documenting the moment it arrives!


Whats New:

  • Now available in 2 sizes: Standard & Personal.
  • We added clear dashboards; the perfect landing spot for your sticky notes.
  • Month at a glance calendar now includes 6 weeks, no running out of days.
  • Month at a glance calendar now starts on Sunday.
  • Week at a glance is on 1 spread; see your entire week all at once,
  • Construction & stitching has been totally re-designed! No frayed edges.
  • We added a pen loop to keep you armed at all times.
  • Interior storage pockets are wider; giving you more space to store cute stuff.


Memory Planners include 120+ pages to keep you on schedule! Embellish or add extra details to your planners using my full range of accessories and stickers.

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